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Six Reasons to Choose Garapa Timber for Your Deck

garapa timber nz

Ready to build the backyard deck you’ve been dreaming of? Give Tough Decks, Mount Maunganui’s hardwood decking supplier, a call today.

Garapa is a high-density hardwood famous for its warmth, natural aesthetic, and durability. At Tough Decks, it’s one of our favourite options for anyone wanting to build a sturdy, striking, and affordable deck. While native to Brazil, it is well suited to New Zealand’s climate and conditions.
Read on to discover six reasons to choose Garapa for your hardwood decking – and contact us today to get the ball rolling.

Garapa decking is beautiful

As a homeowner you want your deck to look good, and Garapa is a showstopper. Garapa decking is often chosen for its stunning golden-brown colour, lending richness and depth to your deck. Without a stain, Garapa will darken when exposed to UV light and eventually weather into an attractive silvery gray. Or you can choose from a variety of stains to hold onto that gorgeous golden hue. 

You want a durable deck

While beauty is important, you also want a deck that is sturdy, strong, and hardwearing. Garapa ticks all these boxes. With a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, it is very durable, making it an ideal option for any outdoor timber structures, from decks to retaining walls to sidings.

It’s comfortable, too

It’s hard to choose between beauty, strength, and comfort – they’re all so important. Luckily, with Garapa decking you don’t have to. Despite being hardwearing, Garapa is comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet, making it a perfect backyard hardwood decking option. 

You get value for money

You want to find a hardwood decking supplier who offers a beautiful, durable deck that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Unlike some other high-end hardwood options, Garapa is reasonably priced while still offering a sophisticated look. A Garapa deck is an excellent addition to your home and best of all, it won’t break the bank. 

Keep the family safe

Thanks to its high-density nature, Garapa doesn’t easily splinter, shrink, or warp, making it a safe hardwood decking option. It’s also fire-resistant, in the same category as other non-timber materials like steel, brick and cement. It’s the perfect decking option to keep the family safe. 

Little fuss

If keeping up with the lawns, gardens, and household chores is enough for you, Garapa will be your new best friend. While all hardwood decks need a little TLC, Garapa is one of the lowest maintenance options, requiring little more than regular cleaning and an annual refinish. With Garapa decking, you can spend more time enjoying your deck, and less time fussing over it. 

Ready to build the backyard deck you’ve been dreaming of? Give Tough Decks, Mount Maunganui’s hardwood decking supplier, a call today. 


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