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Timber Qualities

Stonewood, (Angelim Pedra, Hymenolobium petraeum) is a hard-density wood, with a low moisture content originating from Brazil. Since the timber is heavy and very hard, the shrinkage is slight. The wood has no distinctive odor. Stone Wood is easy to work, with good machining and sanding qualities – an ideal wood to use in a myriad of construction projects. The beautiful hardwood is renowned for its durability, ensuring a hardy lifespan of 15 years or more. For those who would like to ensure their deck or other construction project will hold its own against the elements, Angelim Pedra (Stone Wood) is among the best options available for look, durability and affordability.

Other Names: Stone Wood, Angelim Pedra, Red Angelim, Rocky Deck, Angel Heart 
Principal Uses:  Decking, flooring, stairs, doors, windows, marine construction and furniture. 
Original Colour: Light yellowish brown, while the sapwood is a pale brown. 
Texture: The grain of this wood is crisscross, and the texture is coarse and uneven. 
Density (Dry): 690kg/m3 
Length Spread: 1.8 - 6m
Dried: Kiln 
Janka Hardness: 13.5(kN) 
Expansion/Contraction: 4% 
Tannin Bleed: No
Standard Sizes: Smooth - 140/19 
Life expectancy: 15+ years 
Durability Class: Class 2. Moderately Durable 
Screws: 316 Stainless Steel  

FAQ on Stonewood (Angelim Pedra)

Stonewood (Angelim Pedra) is a robust and beautiful wood native to South America, known for its durability and striking appearance. In this section, we've compiled the most frequently asked questions about Stone Wood decking.

What is Stonewood hardwood decking timber and where does it come from?

Stonewood is a type of hardwood decking timber sourced from the Hymenolobium spp. tree, which is native to South America. It is characterized by its dense and durable nature, making it an excellent choice for outdoor decking projects.

What are the benefits of using Stonewood hardwood for decking?

Angelim Pedra offers several benefits for decking purposes. It is highly resistant to decay, rot, and insect attacks, making it ideal for outdoor use. The wood's natural oils and density contribute to its durability, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and heavy foot traffic with minimal wear.

Is Stonewood hardwood decking sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Stonewood hardwood is considered to be a relatively sustainable option for decking. Ours is sourced from responsibly managed forests, and due to its durability, it has a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacement.

How does Stonewood hardwood decking perform in different weather conditions?

Stonewood performs well in various weather conditions. Its natural resistance to moisture and decay makes it suitable for areas with high humidity, as well as regions with frequent rain or harsh winters.

Does Stonewood decking require any special maintenance?

Stonewood decking requires minimal maintenance. Regular sweeping to remove debris and occasional cleaning with mild soap and water are generally sufficient to keep the deck looking its best. Applying a protective finish can help preserve its color and enhance its longevity.

Can Stonewood decking be used in saltwater environments, such as coastal regions?

Yes, Stonewood hardwood is naturally resistant to saltwater and can withstand the challenges of coastal environments. Its durability and resistance to decay make it a suitable choice for decks near the ocean or in areas with high salt content in the air.

How does Stonewood hardwood decking age and change over time?

Stonewood decking ages gracefully, and its colour will gradually darken and develop a rich patina over time when exposed to sunlight and weather. This aging process enhances its natural beauty and adds character to the deck.

Is Stonewood decking easy to work with during installation?

Stonewood hardwood can be worked with standard woodworking tools. However, its density may require higher-quality cutting blades and drill bits for clean cuts and efficient installation.

What are the typical dimensions and profiles available for Stonewood hardwood decking boards?

Stonewood decking boards are commonly available in various dimensions, at Tough Decks we have Smooth - 140/19.

How does the cost of Stonewood hardwood decking compare to other decking materials?

Stonewood hardwood decking is generally more affordable than some hardwoods, while offering similar durability and performance. It can be a cost-effective option for those seeking a durable and visually appealing deck without breaking the budget.

Would recommend 10/10

Worked with many different hardwoods in the past and this by far takes the cake. Managed to get through the whole thing without a single split (even on joins), found the boards held a nice straight line, screws pulled the boards down tightly, had no screws snap or bits break which is quite rare when it comes to hardwood installing, and the gaging of the boards were all within a couple mm (again rare to find).

The finished product has come out stunning, the grain of the timber is really something special and our clients are over the moon with the result.

Justin  Stewart Construction
Angelim Pedra at SAILOR Mount Maunganui


At TOUGH DECKS we only import sustainable sourced A-grade hardwood decking timber.
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