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Tough Decks Policy Regarding Sourcing of Decking Timber:

We at Tough Decks want to make sure we leave resources available for future generations. We ensure that logs are only sourced from legal sources and make sure a chain of custody is documented throughout the supply chain (See below European Standard). We do not agree or support clear cutting or burning of forest for soy products and cattle farming.

All our suppliers use selective logging techniques which maintain a healthy forest. Once this lumbar has been removed from the forest, the area is then left to fallow for an additional 30 years to allow for regrowth and renewal.

We source hardwood timber decking that meets the Worldwide European Standard as below:

All timber imported into the European Union needs to come from verifiable legal sources. European buyers that place timber or timber products on the market have to show due diligence.You can do this on the basis of long-term contracts, or separately for every container you ship. In addition the EUTR forces operators to tracetheir products back to the source. This means that when suppliers supply legal timber, but cannot provide well-documented guarantees of legality, they will not be able to supply the European Union market.

Our Response to Deforestation: Support of Trees that Count in New Zealand

At Tough Decks we believe it is important to give back to the community and the planet for future generations. We support Trees that Count by donating money for the planting of native trees in the Bay of Plenty region. For every log that is used for decking we plant 5 trees as a replacement to the planet.


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