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Most of our hardwood decking timber is extremely hard. If you were to oil fresh decking, the cells within the timber are very tight and don’t readily absorb oils. Effectively, if you were to oil at this stage you get minimal depth absorption hence most Oil/Wood suppliers suggest oiling all four sides. With this you may need another coat with in a short period as the oil may only penetrate the top surface.

Recently there has been a change of thought.

Many oil applicators are suggesting laying your deck un-oiled and leaving for the conditions to weather the decking. We would suggest a month or two. In this time the cells start to degrade. After this, give your deck a clean with a proper deck wash, which not only cleans the deck but also enhances the absorption of the oil. Let the deck dry then apply the oil.

In most cases two initial coats of Oil are required. Cleaning your deck once a year with a deck wash product. This will remove all residual foliage, mould and algae that can degrade your deck. Depending on oil, some oils suggest annually, while others can be applied 3-4 years.

Oiling or applying a protective coating to your decking timber is typically done as part of regular maintenance to enhance its durability and appearance.

The timing for oiling coat your decking timber can vary depending on several factors, including the type of timber, weather conditions, and the previous coating's condition. Here are some general guidelines:

New Decking

If you have recently installed new decking timber, it's recommended to wait for a period or at least 4-8weeks. This waiting period allows the timber to acclimate to its surroundings and ensures proper adhesion of the coating.

Weathered or Dull Appearance

If you notice that your decking timber has become weathered, faded, or lost its luster, it may be time for an oil coating. Signs of weathering can include greying of the wood or increased susceptibility to moisture absorption. Oiling can help rejuvenate the timber's appearance and provide protection against further deterioration.

Seasonal Maintenance

Oiling your decking timber can be part of your seasonal maintenance routine. In general, it is often recommended to oil your deck once a year, typically during periods of moderate weather when the deck is dry and free from moisture. This can help maintain its appearance and protect it from the elements.


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