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Purpleheart is simply a great decking timber product. It has all the qualities you require for decking timber. It is perfect around pools or other areas where other timbers may cause a problem. 

As it now has a proven record many councils are choosing to use only  Purpleheart Timber. In 2017-2018 Hamilton City Council used Purple Heart Timber for decking and seating in the 'Victoria on the River' development. In 2018 Wellington council used Purpleheart Timber for their award winning waterfront development 'Kumutoto Pavillion'.

Purple Heart decking timber can display a range of colours, from a natural look with no oils to various colour options using different penetrating oils. It is entirely up to you with regards to what look you are trying to achieve on your decking.

Original Colour: Deep Purple
Texture: Usually Straight grain, with smooth fine texture
Density (Dry): 900kg/m3
Length Spread: 1.8 - 6m
Dried: Kiln
Janka Hardness: 11.19(kN)
Expansion/Contraction: 3.0%
Tannin Bleed:
Standard Sizes: Smooth-100/19 & 140/19
Life expectancy: 20-25 years
Durability Class: Class 1-2. Durable
Screws: 316 Stainless Steel

FAQ on Purpleheart

Whether you're curious about its unique purple hue or want to learn about its performance in different environments, our comprehensive answers will guide you towards creating a stunning and enduring purpleheart deck.

What is Purpleheart hardwood decking timber and where does it come from?

Purpleheart hardwood decking timber refers to a type of wood sourced from the Purpleheart tree (Peltogyne spp.), native to Central and South America. It is known for its striking purple color that darkens to a rich, deep hue over time, making it an attractive choice for outdoor decking projects.

Is Purpleheart decking as durable as other hardwoods commonly used for decking?

Yes, Purpleheart is a highly durable hardwood, with excellent resistance to decay, rot, and insect attacks. It has a dense and tight grain structure, making it resistant to wear and able to withstand outdoor elements and heavy foot traffic for many years.

Does Purpleheart decking require any special maintenance?

Purpleheart decking requires minimal maintenance. It naturally weathers to an attractive silver-gray colour over time, and some homeowners prefer to maintain this weathered look. If you wish to retain the purple colour, occasional applications of UV protectant finish or sealer can help preserve the rich hue.

Is Purpleheart decking environmentally friendly and sustainable?

Purple hardwood is considered to be a relatively sustainable option for decking. Ours is sourced from responsibly managed forests, and due to its durability, it has a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacement.

Can Purpleheart decking timber be used in regions with extreme weather conditions?

Yes, Purpleheart hardwood is suitable for regions with varying weather conditions. Its natural durability and resistance to water and decay make it an excellent choice for areas with hot summers, heavy rains, or high humidity.

How does the cost of Purpleheart decking compare to other hardwood decking materials?

Purpleheart is considered a premium hardwood, so its cost may be higher than more commonly used decking materials like pressure-treated wood. However, its unique appearance and exceptional durability make it a desirable choice for those seeking a distinctive and long-lasting deck.

Can Purpleheart decking be installed using standard deck-building practices?

Yes, Purpleheart decking can be installed using standard deck-building practices. It can be cut, drilled, and fastened using stainless steel screws or nails. However, due to its density, pre-drilling may be required to avoid splitting when fastening.

Does Purpleheart decking require special tools for installation?

While Purpleheart decking can be worked with standard woodworking tools, its hardness may require high-quality cutting blades and drill bits for clean cuts and efficient installation.

How does Purpleheart hardwood decking react to sunlight exposure?

When newly installed, the purple colour of the wood is intense. However, with sun exposure, it will naturally darken to a deeper purple-brown hue. Applying a UV protectant finish can slow down this color change and maintain the vibrant purple color for a more extended period.

Can Purpleheart decking be used in saltwater environments, such as coastal regions?

Yes, Purpleheart hardwood is naturally resistant to saltwater and can withstand the challenges of coastal environments. Its durability and resistance to decay make it a suitable choice for decks near the ocean or in areas with high salt content in the air.


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