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Tis the Season for Purpleheart Decking

Purpleheart is a beautiful, dense, and durable hardwood from South America. While it’s been used in NZ for years, only recently has it become one of the most popular choices for everything from hardwood decking to pergolas, bridges to waterfront developments.

It’s so popular, in fact, that the team at Mt Maunganui’s Tough Decks is deeming this season ‘Purpleheart Time.’ Here’s why it might be time for you to jump on the Purpleheart bandwagon.

Why homeowners are falling in love with Purpleheart decking

– Purpleheart’s claim to fame is being one of the strongest timbers in the world. This allows us hardwood decking suppliers to offer our customers decks that are as hard-wearing and durable as they are beautiful.

Elegant beauty
– speaking of beauty, Purpleheart decking offers a sophisticated yet natural aesthetic that many homeowners seek. The name comes from the timber’s colour when cut down, which transforms from a pale brown into a radiant purple. If left untreated, the hardwood decking will eventually fade into a silvery driftwood-grey. Or you can stain it with penetrating oils in a range of colours.

Long-lasting hardwood decking
– Purpleheart decking will stand the test of time. Not only is it incredibly strong and durable, but this hardwood is also naturally resistant to insect attacks, fires, and decay, making it damn near impossible to destroy! As a homeowner, you want to invest in a high-quality decking timber once then enjoy your backyard deck for years to come – and Purpleheart delivers.

Perfect for pools
– Purpleheart is water-resistant, mould-resistant, and not very susceptible to cupping or rotting, making it an excellent hardwood decking option for backyard swimming pools and other areas around the home and garden that are prone to moisture.

Low maintenance and eco-friendly
– and if elegant-looking and long-lasting hardwood decking isn’t enough for you, Purpleheart decking requires little maintenance and is one of the more eco-friendly decking choices, to boot.

Where can I see Purpleheart decking?

Purpleheart is becoming a popular hardwood decking option for homeowners across NZ. But if you don’t happen to have a friend or family member with Purpleheart, there are plenty of public places you can go to see the beautiful decking, like the Victoria on the River development in Hamilton or Wellington’s award-winning Kumutoto Pavillion.

Join the Purpleheart Time revolution

Is it time for Purpleheart to take centre stage? We think so! To see if Purpleheart is right for you, speak to the hardwood decking suppliers at Mt Maunganui’s Tough Decks today.


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