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5 Reasons to Build a Deck Using Red Cumaru Timber

red cumaru decking timber

Is it time to finally build the deck of your dreams? If so, Mount Maunganui’s hardwood decking supplier Tough Decks is here to help. Today, we’re doing a deep dive into Brazilian Teak (aka Red Cumaru) – the decking timber known for its strength, longevity, and elegance.

Here’s five reasons to build your dream deck out of Red Cumaru.

1. You want a timber deck with a long life

Brazilian Teak timber is an incredibly strong and durable wood, making it an excellent choice for outdoor projects like benches, bridges, and decks. It is a very dense wood, so you can rest assured it won’t easily bend, warp, or splinter even when left out in the elements. Brazilian Teak decking timber also contains a high level of tannins and plenty of natural oils, which work together to protect the wood from UV rays and moisture – and we get plenty of both in NZ!

2. You don’t want to worry about your deck rotting

If you’re looking for a hardwood decking timber that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, Brazilian Teak is for you. Made of interlocking grains that have a high oil content, Red Cumaru is naturally resistant to moisture, which prevents your deck from rot, decay, and fungus. Hardwood decking suppliers sing the praises of this timber to anyone who wants a deck they can rely on for regular use.

3. You want an elegant aesthetic

Red Cumaru decking timber comes in a beautifully rich reddish-brown hue. It’s a bold choice loved across NZ for its strikingly elegant appearance. Don’t be surprised to see Red Cumaru fences, swimming pool surrounds and decks everywhere this summer – it’s an increasingly popular choice for decking timber.

Maintaining your deck’s elegant look is easy with a stain that will preserve that rich red colour. Or if you prefer not to stain it, Brazilian Teak decking timber will age gracefully and fade into an attractive silvery-grey.

4. You have children, grandparents, or visitors to keep safe

The interlocking grain and coarse texture make Brazilian Teak timber naturally non-slip, which is a weight off your shoulders if you have people to protect. Whether you’re concerned about little kids falling into the swimming pool, elderly family members slipping over, or friends tripping, choosing a naturally non-slip decking timber like Brazilian Teak will give you peace of mind.

5. You want an eco-friendly hardwood decking material

Brazilian Teak is a fast-growing tree, which makes for an eco-friendly decking timber option. And, because of its natural resistance to rot, a Red Cumaru decking timber can last for years without needing chemical preservatives – another tick in the sustainability box.

It’s time for a Red Cumaru deck

Is Brazilian Teak ticking all the boxes? If so, it’s time to speak to Mount Maunganui’s hardwood decking suppliers at Tough Decks.


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