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Red Cumaru Hardwood Decking Timber | from $10.60 per LM | excl GST

Red Cumaru




Brazilian Teak (Red Cumaru) decking timber is an extremely hard, tropical hardwood, with interlocking grain which makes it naturally resistant towards rot and decay. It is the perfect wood for long-life exterior projects such as decks, benches and bridges. The reddish-brown hue of Red Cumaru decking timber can be easily maintained or left to weather into a beautiful, silver-gray colour.

Original Colour: Light Brown to Reddish Brown
Texture: Medium texture, interlocked grain with moderate shine
Density (Dry):  1100kg/m3
Length Spread: 1.8 - 6m
Dried: Kiln
Janka Hardness: 14.8(kN)
Expansion/Contraction:  3.0%
Tannin Bleed:
Standard Sizes: Smooth-100/21
Life expectancy: 30+ years
Durability Class: Class 1. Very Durable
Screws: 316 Stainless Steel

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