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B-Fix | Black one | 100 Units | 100 Self-Drilling Screws | 1 x Torx Bit | excl GST




One of B-Fix Black Ones’ finest attributes is the remarkable amount of time saved laying the deck boards. They can easily be slotted into place one after the other with regular spacing between.

The number of B-Fix Black One units necessary for a project will depend on the distance between the joists of the supporting structure and the width of the deck board being used. To calculate the amount required, simply multiply the number of deck boards, minus one, by the number of joists.


  • High finish level as it is invisible.
  • Quick and easy installation: 40% time savings
  • Respects wood movement: «spring effect»
  • Local disassembly possible
  • Reinforced stainless steel self-drilling screws
  • Specialist approved patented system
  • Made in Belgium

B-Fix Black-One: 301 stainless steel + black coating

Box Content
The B-Fix Black One is sold by the box (100 units). The box also includes
100 self-drilling screws, instructions, and a Torx bit.

SKU: b-fiz-bl-one

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